Strength sand Capabilities:

·       Unique Training and Education Production:

The academy provides an international curriculum in all the courses we offer. Never the less, the academy integrates and customizes additional non-standard education services as workshops, special education tools and local value-added services.

·    Technical Team:

As instructors are one of most important components of successful training and education business, the academy keen to selects highly technical instructors.The selection criteria were based on professional field experience,international certification, excellent teaching skills and exceptional communication abilities.

·     Facilities and Resources:

Engineering Academy make greatest efforts for creating an ideal education environment in all its facilities, making its services available all the time and developing its team to cover more of the industry and training demands, this resulted indifferent training facilities with quality education environment.

·     Mission:

Our mission is to provide an effective training for under graduate and postgraduate engineers in both educational and industrial fields; also, providing technical support services for factories is one of our targets, which give us the chance to link our trainees to the industrial field.

·     Vision:

Our vision is to be recognized as a center of excellence in development and delivery of applied training and education in the engineering sector in Egypt and the region.

Also,to be the trainer choice for those looking for internationally certified programs to entrance the competencies of exciting personnel and to provide new recruits with the necessary skills to enable them to add significant value to their organizations.

As responsive and flexible education and training organization, we will seek the input to clients both individuals and organizations in the development,delivery and follow-up of its training programs.