AutoCAD Civil 3d


AutoCAD Civil 3D Environment
Working with workspaces
Examining Toolspace
Creating Objects, Object Styles, and Label Styles
Creating Drawing Templates
Creating Reports

Creating Survey Databases
Creating Survey
Creating Figure Styles and
Importing Field Book Files
Working with Survey

Import and Create Points
Manage Points
Use Grips to Control Graphical Point Display
Create a Point Table

Create a Surface
Modify the Surface Properties
Edit a Surface
Assign a Contour Style and Apply Surface Labels

Site Design: Parcel Creation
Create a Right-of-Way
Create Parcels Using Layout Tools
Create Parcels from Objects
Edit and Renumber Parcels
Label Parcels and Create Table

Site Design: Horizontal Alignments
Create an Alignment with Polylines and Land XML
Edit Alignments
Label Alignments and Create Tables

Site Design: Existing and Design Profiles
Create a Profile Using an Existing Terrain Surface
Create a Design Profile Using Layout Tools
Edit Profile Geometry
Use Labels and Label Styles for Profiles and Profile Views

Site Design: Assemblies and Corridors
Create Tool Palette with Subassemblies
Create Assemblies for Cedar Cove Corridor
Create a Corridor Model
Create a Corridor Surface
Extract Grading Feature Lines from Corridor

Site Design: Grading and Quantities
Create and Edit Feature Lines
Create Interim Grading Surface
Create Feature Lines from the Surface and Update Surface
Create Final Grading Surface and Calculate Volumes
Create Spot Elevation and Grade Labels

Site Design: Pipes
Work with Pipe and Structure Rules
Layout Pipe Network
Draw Pipes in Profile View and Edit Pipe Network
Label Pipes in Plan and Profile

Transportation: Alignments and Profiles
Create a Horizontal Alignment Using the Alignment Layout Tools
Use Station Reference Points, Design Speeds, and Superelevations
Create, Edit, and Annotate Layout Profiles

Transportation: Assemblies and Corridors
Create an Assembly and Modify Assembly Properties
Create a Corridor (Corridor Parameters-RG)
Modify the Corridor Properties and Create Corridor Surface
Prepare 3D Model of Finished Road Design

Transportation: Cross Sections and Quantities
Create Cross-Section Sample Lines
Create Cross-Section Views
Calculate Earthworks and Pavement Structure Quantities
Create Quantity Reports
Modify the Sample Line Group Properties
Create Construction Staking Data

Transportation: Plan Production
Create View Frames in a View Frame Group
Create All Sheets in Individual Drawings
Use AutoCAD Sheet Set Manager

Data Management
AutoCAD External References
Civil 3D Data Shortcuts and Reference Objects