Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional


General information about ARSA interface

  • User interface
  • System configuration (set of materials, code settings)

Definition of bar structure – 2D Frame

  • Geometry definition
  • Library structures
  • Supports definition
  • Bar releases

Load definition

  • Definition of loads & load cases
  • Weather conditions (2D frame)
  • Definition of manual/automatic combinations

Results analysis

  • Presentation of results as diagrams/tables
  • Settings and modification of tables
  • Alternative ways of results presentation

Preparation of calculation report

  • Screen captures
  • Calculation report settings
  • Modification of screen captures
  • Updated upon printing and JPG Screen captures
  • Generation of external reports (MS Word, OpenOffice)

Steel structure

  • Definition of design & buckling length parameters
  • Definition of lateral buckling length parameters
  • Definition of SLS parameters

Verification and design of steel profiles

  • Calculation parameters
  • ULS and SLS verification
  • Steel design group definition
  • Steel profile optimisation

RC beams design

  • Beam importation vs Manual definition
  • RC design parameters
  • Reinforcement pattern
  • Calculation note
  • Drawings and their parameters

RC column design

Spread footing design

Definition of RC slab geometry

  • Contour definition
  • Openings
  • Thickness and material definition

RC slab supports

  • Definition of supports (Nodal, Linear and Planar)

Slab loads

  • Surface and linear loads
  • Load combination

Slab structure meshing

  • Coons and Delauney’s meshing
  • Mesh refinement (Manual and automatic emiters)
  • Uniform meshing

Slab results

  • Understanding results
  • Maps, Isolines and values in final elements
  • Panel cuts
  • Size of the supports and results
  • Table form results

Required reinforced of RC slabs

  • RC design parameters
  • Design (Elasticity and FEM deflection verification)
  • Understanding results (Maps/Isolines/Values & Tables)

Provided reinforcement of RC slab

  • Provided reinforcement parameter
  • Zones of provided reinforcement
  • Calculation note
  • Drawing generation (Drawing templates)
  • Elasticity/FEM deflection verification for reinforcement
  • Punching verification