Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite


Understand andcommunicate project dependencies better

·        Exploreand communicate design concepts

·        Getprojects approved faster and help win work

·        Promotegreater visibility into project constructability

Maintain more consistentdata, context, processes

·        Aggregatedata from a variety of formats

·        Developmore consistent, accurate construction documentation

·        Applyindustry standards more easily

Respond more quickly tochange

·        Gaingreater flexibility to make design changes 

·        Applydiscipline-specific tools for a more streamlined process

·        Optimizedesigns by conducting engineering analysis 

Create better proposals

·        Demonstratea better understanding of project needs

·        Createmore realistic proposals of design alternatives

·        Communicateoptions more effectively 

Minimize projectdependencies

·        Createvisualizations to help validate design decisions

·        Helpminimize construction documentation errors

·        Facilitatethe identification of issues before construction

Improve profitability

·        Usetools to help decrease hours on fixed-cost projects

·        Accommodatelast-minute changes more easily 

·        Supportproductivity with more consistent data