AutoCADMap 3D


Getting Started
• The AutoCAD Map 3D Interface

Creating and Editing Geometry
• Using Coordinate Geometry
• Performing Drawing Cleanup

Linking and Managing Drawing-Based Attribute Data
• Creating and Attaching Object Data
• Editing and Managing Object Data
• Connecting to a Database
• Defining a Link Template and Linking Records to Objects
• Using Database Information in a Drawing

Using Object Classification
• Setting Up Object Classification
• Classifying, Selecting, and Creating Classified Objects

Importing and Exporting Drawing-Based Data
• Importing and Exporting Data

Working with Raster Images
• Inserting Raster Images
• Modifying Raster Image Properties and Behavior

Working with Source Drawings
• Attaching Source Drawings
• Working with Coordinate Systems

Using Source Drawing Queries
• Defining Property and Location Queries
• Defining Data Queries
• Compound Queries
• Altering Properties During Queries
• Using the Query Library
• Save Back to Queried Objects

Stylizing Drawings
• About the Display Manager
• Creating Display Maps
• Creating Thematic Maps
• Creating Display Map Scales
• Using the Display Library

Using Topology and Spatial Analysis
• Creating Network Topologies
• Creating Polygon Topologies
• Editing and Managing Topologies
• Network Topology Analysis
• Polygon Topology Analysis

Plotting Maps
• Map Books

• Creating Hydrant Maintenance Reports
• Adding Hyperlinks Automatically to Objects
• Migrating Drawings to Geospatial Data